MBBS Final Examination Notes in First Semester of 2017-2018 Academic Year
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MBBS Final Examination Notes

Dear Students,

Final examination for this semester will be held in next week, here are some notes for you.

1) You are forbidden to enter the exam hall after the exam begins more than 15 minutes.

2) Remember to bring the student ID card and put on your desk in the exam.

3) Mobile phones should be switched off at all times in the exam hall, and are not permitted to be taken with you under any circumstances. Mobile phones are not permitted to be on your desk or in your pocket even if they remain switched off.

4) If you are found to take telephone or unauthorized materials(including slips) which are relevant to the syllabus being examined with you, it will be assumed that you intend to use them to gain an unfair advantage in the exam and cancel the qualification of the exam immediately. 

5) During the examination, students are forbidden to talk with any other person and if the invigilators give three warnings to the student who have inappropriate behavior like talking or looking around, the exam qualification will be cancelled.

6) You are not permitted to remove either your script booklet or your question paper from the exam hall. 

7) Note please that if you are caught cheating in the exam, your grades will be invalid. And cheating in the exam will be recorded in your character certificate which will be given in graduation and the qualification for attending  supplementary exam  will be cancelled  for a year.


Good luck for the final exams!